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D E S O L A T I O N . 

A NejiIno fanmix made for thirteenths / tiefrot for Ino Week 2014.


| Fallout - Neon Indian | Roslyn - Bon Iver & St. Vincent | Falling Away with You - Muse | Unfinished Business - Mumford & Sons | Special - Mew | Far Away - Cut Copy | Flawless - The Neighbourhood | Skin of the Night - M83 | Angeles - Elliott Smith | Our Hell - Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton | Weight of Love - The Black Keys |

Cover art by uminos, used with permission!

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+ Ino Week 2014, Day 5: Warrior (Meta)


The majority of the Naruto fandom dismisses Ino as a subpar or generally useless kunoichi. A growing number, happily, have praised her skills in the war effort, such as when she Shintenshin’d Obito twice and saved the entire shinobi alliance by Shinranshin’ing all of them and forcing them to perform douton simultaneously, a feat even Inoichi could not accomplish. 

But I think what most people tend to forget is that Ino didn’t all of a sudden turn badass and powerful; she has always been at the top of her game. Even as a Genin when she hadn’t mastered the Yamanaka clan techniques, she was still one of the best Genin in the bunch in several areas (top of her class, anyone?). Ino was always a top notch warrior, a truly gifted shinobi, since day one, and the following proves it.

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There was blood in Raleigh’s eyes and a hole the shape of his brother in his soul.

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AU where we’re all well rested and everyone loves their job

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ino week - day two: t e a m  t e n
or, brothers in arms.. and in everything else

i think team ten are pretty much self explanatory. and if i need to explain then y’all probably ain’t even reading naruto.

notes: asuma’s zippo bc he is forever with them ;3;

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i, survive

ino week, day 1 : time

in which i’m pretty sure it’s still 6th juLY somewhere in the world right? i aim to only draw happy things for ino week, y e s

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ino week - day one: t i m e
or, the gladiolus dance

in which ino is named head of the yamanaka clan soon after the war. it is responsibility she never wanted, power she never intended to have. but ino is a shinobi and whenever the situation calls for it she is not afraid to act as leader; and this situation is no different.

i feel like the yamanaka clan surround themselves with bright colours and are actually all into flowers; something to counter against the unbelievably dark nature of their jutsu.

notes: the gladiolus symbolises strength. also, the reason why they all look so serious is because, this time around, it isn’t a happy occasion.

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this is day one: time!

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