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kaaraboo i love youuuu and wish for good things in your life! come to boston and visit me! not far away at all, right?

omg i haven’t talked to you in ages and just crept over your writing ;A; also what’s there in boston aside from your awesome existence

I also thought it was kind of underwhelming, her outfit at least…

idk i just want raleigh pining over chuck

also this is au, if you haven’t already guessed

It starts off, like many other unfortunate things in Raleigh’s life, with Newt.

Who sends him a link to this newly-launched MMORPG at two-fucking-am in the morning and the next thing he knows, he’s jerked back into reality from a vast world of giant robots versus alien sea monsters by Yancy’s alarm clocks. All three of them, shrieking in tandem.

Raleigh stares mournfully at the 'WE ARE CANCELLIN' THE APOCALYPSE' banner floating across his laptop screen.

He doesn’t even laugh when Yancy rolls off the bed and lands face-first on the floor.

Because shit, I’m hooked.

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OH MY GOD, HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN JAPAN, OKAY?? One day we shall meet there and go on vaca it’ll be wonderful :D

you should come over because we can go on a roadtrip together and stay in my place and cook weird food


Having very serious conversations about fictional universes is one of my favorite things to do.

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I thought they were all lazy tbqh. Kishi is 600% done with this series.

people are getting excited over the designs and i’m just

but you understand my pain so i’m okay now. /curls around you forever

my brother’s studying in utsunomiya and i need a getaway because things in school are getting shittier and i cannot deal with people anymore hahahaa. i’m aiming to spend at least two days in kyoto to look at shrines and all the pretty things! also tokyo!


captain, it would be my genuine pleasure.

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notes on real life right now:

  • currently in the middle of badminton tournament. paralysed with the thought of playing in the semi-finals tomorrow.
  • watched shitload of movies: annabelle was not as scary as the conjuring, i need luke evans in my bed right now, denzel washington is old, pierce brosnan looks even older but he’s hot so who cares, kill the messenger is so good but the ending makes me want to throw things, RENNER, i don’t remember what else.
  • i’m going to japan in december.
  • ate so much lately. mostly salmon. if i die and get dissected, they’d probably find ten kilos of salmon in my stomach.
  • i really don’t want to mark exam papers. really. someone help.
  • that’s it.
  • yea.


Everyday I’m like “today imma get my shit together” and by the end of the day I’m like “tomorrow is the day for real”

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